Saturday, January 13, 2007


After a couple of days off work I seem to finally be recovering from the endless row of illnesses I have been visited by for the past two weeks. Nothing serious - just cold-related annoyances and lately some stomach bug and I have been going to the office more or less sick since I came back from christmas break. But now my energy is returning. We are also done re-decorating the house after Fiancé moved in and though it's been fun shopping for furniture, decluttering and rearranging the rooms, it has also been quite a lot of work. But now it's done and it's beatiful and every time we walk into a room we are talking about how great our place is and how nice we've made it. I suppose the novelty will wear off at some point, but I like that we actually do appreciate a nice home both of us. It doesn't hurt that we have the most fantastic view over a snow clad city at the moment.

Maybe it's the improved health, maybe it's the improved living conditions, maybe it's the forty-something hours I must have been sleeping since Thursday - anyway, I do feel energized and like it possible, if not even attractive to face a new work week soon. I do still think I will have too much to do and have a strange position in the hierarchy (as I talked about here), but I do feel better prepared to handle it this week.

Today I:

  • took down the christmas decorations (about time one might say)
  • bought colourful tulips for the living room and the kitchen
  • shopped lots of yummy vegetables for cooking lots of healthy meals next weeks
  • planned to finally reappear at the gym (after six months hiatus) on Monday

Now, I am going to cook African food from Côte d'Ivoire (Ginger - Avocado salad) and Congo (Vegetables in coconut milk) for dinner. I got this cookbook as a christmas gift with vegetarian recipes from around the world and it looks like I am going to use it frequently.

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