Sunday, December 17, 2006

Holiday mood

I am off work for two weeks!

I do still have some grading to do and will make a trip to my alma mater next week, which is kind of semi work related, but generally I am free as a bird. I am leaving today for a few days visit to grad school city, where I am going to see my friends for the first time in a year and visit favorite cafes, favorite shops, favorite parks. I have also arranged to meet with my former advisors, but this time I do not have to worry about what they might think of my work or my abilities as a scientist.
After a few days of city life I am going to visit my family for the holidays and i will probably not be doing much besides eating, sleeping and hanging out. In a way I feel really guilty for not bringing any work, on the other hand I feel like I am behind anyway, and it won't make much of a difference. I DO feel like I need the break and I think it will be worth it, I just have to run out of the house, before I grab some half-phinished manuscript or seventy-something unread papers by accident.



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