Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Blogging resumed

What started out as an unwanted lack of internet access during the holidays turned out to be a welcome break from my online life. As much as I like posting here and reading all your blogs it was actually really nice to do something else. Though, I do think it is strange that my parents got wireless internet that doesn't reach outside the living room.

So what have I been up to since I left. I have given up on composing a long and thoughtful post about everything that happened the past three weeks, so a quick bulleted update will have to do.

I visited grad school city and and enjoyed it so much that I couldn't believe it when all my friends were talking about buying houses and moving away. I do remember feeling the same way before I left little more than a year ago, but seen from my sugar-coated point of view now, I just didn't get why anybody would voluntarily leave such a fantastic city - ever. I also visited both of my former advisors and if the city itself made my home sickness grow enourmously the visit to my former university definitely did not. It was great to see the advisors and they were both really sweet and happy to see me, but I am so thankful that I have managed to move on from the academic environment I came from.

I went to see my family for an entire week. I talked to my sisters, spent an entire day doing christmas shopping in very-prettyly chistmas decorated Medieval town nearby with my mom, had lots of food (I say LOTS), talked to my dad about my work and my mom about my life and to my sisters about everything. I played with my nephew and baked christmas cookies with my mom and prepared a lot of food and cleaned a lot of tables. It was absolutely wonderful and I am very happy I took the time off to be with them for more than a few days.

The last few days Fiancé and I drove all the way back home to relax and move into our first shared home before the real world started spinning again.

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