Saturday, November 25, 2006

Things I want to change in my life

With my time in the visiting position coming to an end, our recent engagement and Fiance's moving in I have been thinking a lot about how I want my life to be when I get back to my home and real job. The six months I have been away have almost entirely been about work and except for more parties than I normally attend and a few trips to the local swimming pool I haven't really had a life. I think I probably had time for a life, but when I am busy and tired it takes so much energy to decide to get out of the house and do something, that I just never got around to it. When I get back home I want this to change. I am sick of being the kind of person who never does anything real because I think I am too busy at work, and then end up staying longer at work at night because I don't know what I am going to do with all the empty time when I get home.

When I get back I want to:

  • Go to the gym again
  • Spend more time outside
  • Use the 15 minutes paid exercise break we have at work
  • Buy bath salts and use the bath tub
  • Go skiing in the weekends
  • Cook nutritious food and have leftovers for busy days
  • Bake again
  • Leave work at the end of the day
  • Work from home sometimes (this is more tricky as we have set times where we need to be in the office, but I love working from home and it is something I miss enormously from my grad school days, and since I am going to be the boss now maybe I can fix at least the occasional work from home day)
  • Read more non-work books (I am already doing this and I love it, I just don't want to fall back in the TV-only habit again when I get back)
  • Use the fire place
  • Learn something new (I am not sure what this is going to be. I would love to take some sort of course from the university in another field than my own, but I am not sure it is possible since I am travelling so much)
  • Get to know new parts of the town
  • Go kayaking
  • Get better at keeping in touch with my friends in home-country (I am afraid my only real friendships will slip away if I keep prioritising work over people)
  • Decorate our home so it feels like a home and not a temporary roof over our head
  • Buy flowers more often
  • Go hiking in the mountains
  • Get a newspaper subscription



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