Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Random bullets

  • Today it is one month since I got engaged. Yay! We are going to shop for rings when I visit Fiance next week.
  • The travel business is being sorted out. The tickets should arrive in my mail box tomorrow, but I might go to the travel agency on my way home today to pick them up. I have sent an email to responsible Russian conference organizor explaining the visa problems. Fingers crossed for an invitation document arriving soon.
  • I have so far graded 3 out of 14 student research reports - it is going to be a looooong night. I am always surprised to see how many shapes a good paper can come in. I am equally surprised to see how a totally average paper can masquerade as an excellent paper just from being perfect in style. I am doing my best to be fair, but good research does count for more than style in this case.
  • I want to go home and sleep and watch "Friends" on DVD and eat something yummy but I do not see that happen anytime today. Instead I am in my office with coffee, an apple, an (admittedly quite yummy) salad - but that was not what I was thinking about and a pile of reports. Back to work.



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