Monday, November 13, 2006

Small victories

I have been incredibly tired lately. To the extent where I almost started worrying if something was wrong. Friday I left early and went directly home and slept for most of the evening and all night. Saturday I only wanted to stay at home and sleep. I managed to drag myself out to a faculty party on Saturday night and seriously thought I was either going to fall asleep or leave right after dinner. I don’t know what happened. Maybe I just needed some time off, to spend time with people rather than books and to think less about work and more about me. Even if it was sort of a work party it was really nice and we talked about lots of things besides work. Yesterday I was still tired – but from going to bed too late, not from this cloud-hanging-over-my-head-if-I-stand-up that I’ve been having lately. After a full day of doing nothing but eat junk food and read books-for-fun yesterday I feel I am back to my old and relatively energetic self.

I have almost finished the small-research-grant proposal with deadline this coming Wednesday. Today I added the remaining comments from co-investigator and I have someone to read through it and check the language right now. Later I will have a meeting with current boss about the budget and potential co-sponsoring of the project. All there is left to do tomorrow is fill out the application form and submit. I tested the online application form today, and it seems simple. If we get this grant, it will be the first research project, which I am completely and thoroughly responsible for.

I have gotten the most fantastic responses from the students I am teaching here. On Saturday night one of my colleagues from another department said to me, that my students had told her, how they really like my course very much. That’s so nice. I know they also say it to me, but I am happy to hear that my colleagues also realize I have been doing a good job here.



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