Monday, March 05, 2007

2007 so far so good

After my recent fed-up-with-my-work breakdown I sat down last night and made a list of everything I have accomplished since the beginning of this year. Putting it this way makes me feel so much better. It does all add up, after all.

Since January 2007 I have:

Moved to a new office

Unpacked boxes from a semester at university in the arctic

Graded end of semester exam

Written new exam for sick student

Graded extra exam

Dealt with official grade complaint

Fired one prospective grad student

Made arrangements with three prospective grad students who will working on two different projects

Learned the basics of department heading – incl. new software and administrative routines

Dealt with countless day-to-day administrative matters

Hired one person in the department

Planned the basic outline for field season #1

Made initial logistical arrangements for field season #2

Applied for access to field site #2

Arranged meetings to solve map problems for field site #1

Had meeting with foreign collaborator on project #1

Attended and gave talk at 1 conference

Revised 1 manuscript

Started significant revision of another manuscript

Written about one third of new manuscript

Typed up notes from field season 2006 and compiled fully fledged field report with illustrations, geographical coordinates and all



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