Monday, November 27, 2006

Good bye to a part of my life

I was supposed to work at home today from Fiances place, but I have done nothing but going to the dentist and walk around in our soon-to-be former city to enjoy the sunshine, the familar streets and houses, the water and our neighborhood. I am excited about our future and our new life, but I am very happy that I got a chance to be here for a few days before we are leaving.

Yesterday we drove to our favorite beach and went for a walk. It is winter here but not too cold yet, and there were still people gathering in cafes and in front of food stalls. We walked along the water, watching the sunset, the sea gulls, sail boats, passenger ferries and large cargo vessels heading out from our port city through canals and straits to the open ocean. For years this has been our favorite getaway from the city when we needed an afternoon away. We used to go to a small tapas restaurant at the sea front in winter, or to the saltwater indoor swimmingpool with huge panoramic windows to the beach. Last time we were there was in the summer when we came for an after work picnic in the sand. This time we were walking into the small seaside touristy village, talking about how we might want to return to this area some time in the future.

In the evening we went out to dinner at our favorite Italian restaurant. We dressed up nicely, had fantastic food, talked about our life, our future and the time we have been apart, drank red wine and Italian grappa and I felt so happy and thankful for everything we have achieved and for being in such an amazing relationship.



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