Sunday, November 09, 2008

An update from the trenches

I've been at University above the Arctic Circle for a little more than 5 months now. I've actually only been here about 4 months since my official start date was while I was away in the field, but anyway it seems about time for an update.

I've been here for 23 weeks:

Of these I've been:

Doing fieldwork for 6 weeks

Been on field excursions with students for 3 weeks

Attended an international conference for 2 weeks

Taught intensively for 5 weeks

Done labwork in Grad School City for 1 week

Been away for a family event for 4 days

Been sick for 3 days

Had family visiting for 10 days


done final edits to a manuscript and submitted it

written two abstracts for meetings and submitted titles for two other talks

started revisions on a reviewed manuscript

developed ideas and an outline for a new paper based on new awesome data

developed a table of content for a book proposal with colleagues

dealt with department politics

spent time on course budgeting

attended a two-day workshop for a project I will have a significant role in

attended several follow-up meetings on new project

typed up half of my field notes from this summer

developed ideas for one new graduate level course and a make over of undergrad course

sat in on several lectures by co-teachers in undergrad course

been advisor for 15 undergrad research projects all of which are due tomorrow

tried to be helpful and accesible for my one MSc student

made progress in learning about the local geology

made some contacts with potential collaborators

made progress towards a real plan for fieldwork in this location next summer

made progress towards possible collaborations and funding opportunities in my other field area

Sadly I've not been:

Sleeping enough

Spending enough time with my husband

Exercising enough


Blogging enough


At 7:41 PM, Blogger post-doc said...

I hate dealing with politics. But you've been crazy with the productivity! Be sure to take care of yourself (and I say that as I work through the weekend so feel free to ignore me).

At 2:58 PM, Blogger JaneB said...

Good to hear from you - wow, great productivity - but do take care of yourself as well!

At 11:17 AM, Anonymous Kjerstin said...

Who would have guessed that there is so much to do above the Arctic circle? :-)

Hope this turns out to have been a start-up frenzy, and that you'll have more time for you from now on.

At 4:39 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...



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