Monday, November 12, 2007

It's done and in the mail

It is about time I chime in here with an InaDWriMo update. I am far behind my goal and have been embarrassingly quiet here. I have been working a lot to make first the original deadline and then a couple of later ones, but alas, things take time. But, as of this night, the first paper is done. It is still going out for a last round of comments from the co-author before being submitted, but I have a good feeling about the paper this time. The argument is stronger than it was before. I have tied up some loose ends, rewritten parts of the results section where some unclear writing covered up some gaps in my understanding of the data and, I think, come to a conclusions that is neither too adventurous nor too trivial.

The manuscript is standing firmly at 13.275 words, or just about the same as I started out at about two months ago (see why I didn't do a word count for InaDWriMo). That's fine. It's a little on the long side, and technically I think one part could be left out completely or moulded into a separate paper, but just the thought of major structural changes now makes me want to puke. So I'll wait and see what the co-author/ reviewers suggest before doing anything major.

Manuscript 1:
To do (list for InaDWriMo posted Nov 1):
Finish revision of pages 21-25 - DONE
Edits to figures - DONE
Rewrite discussion + add sections (currently 6 pages and shouldn't get much longer) - DONE
Write conclusion - DONE
Re-read introduction and revise according to final discussion - DONE
Re-read abstract and revise according to final conclusion- DONE
Check reference list - DONE
Burn CD with text and all figures - DONE
Print manuscript - DONE
Mail to co-author - DONE

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