Saturday, October 27, 2007

A place in the world to be called home

Breena Ronan from Who doesn't love roses asked how the location is for my new job and let me just say it's special and give you all a few hints.

It's somewhere on this map

It is a small town in a cold place, but it's a nice and friendly community in spectacular nature in the middle of my new field area. It's a small university with a good reputation (let's see about that once I arrive, hope I don't ruin it) and it's a really good environment for what I do. It's not so much for heels (gonna miss those) or business suits, but it does have some nice places for going out and it is possible to buy a decent cup of coffee and a good meal. I guess we will do more outdoors activities than we do now, but there are local cultural events as well. It will be difficult not to out my location once I'm there, but so far my lips will be tight. If you can guess where it is, please don't mention the place directly in the comments.

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At 10:20 PM, Blogger Breena Ronan said...

Wow, I wonder why I was asking where you were. Sometimes I comment on blogs late at night and forget about the whole identity/location issue. Nice map/areal photo.

At 10:22 PM, Blogger Breena Ronan said...

Oops! Apparently it's "a real" photo. Actually it looks like some sort of satellite image.

At 10:43 AM, Blogger saxifraga said...

No problem ;-) I'm not disguising my location very well, anyway, but good for me, most of my readers are on other continents, and maybe won't figure it out as easily as locals. The problem here is that universities are few and far between, so even a rough ballpark location will give one away easily.


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