Saturday, April 07, 2007

How so little can be done

This has been one of those days where I almost (but not entirely) feel guilty for being the geeky, lazy type rather than the sporty energetic type who jumps up and runs outside at the first sight of sunshine. It's Easter, the whole country is more or less shuts down during the holidays, it's snowing and it's been sunshine/ not too cold/ not too warm and I'm pretty sure everybody who can stand on two legs have been out in the mountains skiing and exercising and looking really healthy. My only excuse has been the occasional snow showers, the niceness of staying inside and the fact that I'd already rented "The devil wears Prada" on DVD last night and had to watch it before 6pm tonight when evil rental place wanted it back.

So what did happen? I spent a LOT of time on the Internet (imagine where i could have been if I spent all that time working instead of reading about other peoples jobs), watched the movie (which was just as good as the book and very funny), did a lot of laundry, finished synchronising home laptop with work PC and talked to my mom on the phone (and had related breakdown because she is a master in turning something that is very important to me into a problem, and I am a master in spilling whatever anger I might carry around inside over her). I guess tomorrow it's time to start looking at that pile of papers I brought home from work.



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