Monday, January 22, 2007

No wonder I never get anything done


9:10: Arrive late at work after spending 15 minutes thawing frozen lock on car door. Immediately go to PI's office for Monday morning hallway get-together and HOT coffee. Seriously cold hands after all the morning car trouble needed to hold something hot for a while to be functional.

9:30: Report results to co-workers from meeting on Friday with other department head, who does micro-managing all the way into our department….

9:35: Sit down in own office – open inbox. Yay! Email from Fiance who is working on the other side of the globe at the moment.

9:45: Not so yay! " Institution annual budget" for meeting later this week is also in inbox (I took economics for one year in high school and never understood how to make a professional budget… It hasn't gotten much better since. I still don't get it. I plan on being very quiet during this meeting)

10:00: Send agenda for department meeting tomorrow

10:15: Sign up for yoga class tonight. What I don't get is why one has to call this gym every single time to sign up for the classes. Why can't they just let people sign up when they are there anyway, even if it's for a class a few days away? Then I would at least feel obliged to go.

10:17: Add defrost-lock-solution to shopping list.

10:20: Transfer results from exam to office computer and my goodness! Every time I open this file I get so frustrated. How come that a group of students with otherwise pretty well functioning brains can't do better. What were they thinking!

10:30 Come to think of it – I also need magnets for metal wall in new office… bag, find shopping list again, add magnets.

10:30: Copy all new files from the fall semester from backup DVDs to office computer.

10:40: Pull hair out in frustration. How did my filing system become such a mess? I swear I am never going to switch computers again.

11:50: Stumbled across file called "department communication plan 2006", opened file and voila here is a template for the communication plan I am supposed to deliver in two weeks. I had no idea we had such a thing last year. Guess, I have not been reading my general information for department email very carefully.

13:40 Managed to update and sort downright chaotic folder with photos into actual work ones and private ones without deleting anything important….or at least I think I haven't deleted anything important.

13:50: oh, no – someone sent me a report for approval through weird internal no-paper file handling system, which I have absolutely no idea how to use.

13:55: Goodness!!! Managed to open said filing system and it turns out it's filled with things to do. What a horrible Pandora's box like thing to have installed. What on earth are all these projects? They seem to be registered in my name all of them. How scary! Hope it's only a formality as the department head and not because I am really responsible for all this at the drop of a hat.

13:57: What IS this thing? Turns out it is somehow connected to my inbox, which caused email from Fiance on the other side of the globe to suddenly turn up in inter-departmental, paper-less filing system, Geez….what's a girl to do? Decide to close the bastard and leave it behind for the time being. Still don't know how to approve the report.

14: 40 Still in the middle of organising last folder when alarm goes off to remind me of meeting with bank person in twenty minutes, and that’s the end of this work day.

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