Thursday, May 24, 2007

May retrospective

I think the post below sums it up quite nicely. The rest of this month will be spent in the field, doing actual research. Although the past few weeks have been loaded with logistical concerns and practical questions such as "did we remember to buy batteries" and "who brings a ruler" I am probably doing more research this months than any month earlier this year.

So what did I do so far:

  • Made final preparations for six weeks field expedition
  • Attended a full-day seminar about improvement of working conditions
  • Made presentation and work plan for department meeting
  • Made admin report (financial reporting for first part of the year)
  • Read and commented on draft xx of soon-to-be submitted manuscript
  • Searched for additional literature on problem topic on manuscript and read several papers for overview
  • Reviewed applications for postdoc position
  • Dealt with multiple smaller and larger admin issues in the department
  • Attended committee meeting on community-related topic I will be coordinator of
  • Wrote recommendations for students applying to grad school*

*Actually this is not really done yet, but on my list for tonight



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